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Benefits of membership
Benefits of being a shareholder
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Being a member of the Bromley GP Alliance will help you gain from the benefit of collaborative working.  These include:

        •   Reduction in your workload
        •   Support of the general practice workforce
        •   Increased staff morale
        •   Innovative ways of overcoming constraints of current GP premises
        •   Improved recruitment and retention of clinicians and staff
        •   Sharing of best work practice and local expertise
        •   Diverse educational and staff training programme provided by Bromley CEPN
        •   Improved resilience of Bromley general practice, adapting to changes seen in a rapidly
              evolving healthcare climate

Should you wish to know more, please contact our team:

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About the Bromley GP Alliance

The Bromley GP Alliance (BGPA) was formed in January 2015 and is a network of Bromley Practices which are working collaboratively
to enhance the health and wellbeing of Bromley residents. It currently works with 39 practices, covering a population of over 310,000
patients, nearly 95% of the Bromley population.

The goals of the Alliance are to work strategically with all Bromley practices, to help secure the best services for patients whilst
working together, to support the member practices in the challenges of a changing NHS.  The Alliance aims to improve the morale of
general practice in Bromley, by sharing expertise, services and supporting its workforce.  The Alliance will make a positive impact on
medical services in Bromley, by working closely with the CCG, local NHS trusts, local providers and patient groups, to improve the
delivery of healthcare to the local population.  The Bromley Alliance is already working with the Bromley Community Education
Provider Network (CEPN) to improve the training of general practice staff in the Bromley area.